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Whiz Kids TV Show

80's TV Show Facts for Whiz Kids

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show is about Richie, Ham, Jeremy and Alice, four Los Angeles teenage computer hackers who are amateur detectives in their spare time.

Whiz Kids DVD

TV Show Plot For Whiz Kids

The TV show Whiz Kids featured a group of Canyon High computer geeks who used computer technology to fight crime in their suburban California neighborhood.

Richie Adler lived with his mother and sister while his father worked on the road. Richie's father sent him some out dated pieces of electronic and computer equipment, which the boy used to develop "RALF" - his talking computer system complete with modem and webcam. He then used this computer to aid in the teens detective work.

Other Whiz Kids TV series characters were: Farley, the teens reporter friend who asked them for help on stories he was working on; Neal Quinn, Farley's brother-in-law, the police department's computer expert, who would provide police info to the Whiz Kids.

The show aired at a time when computers were not used by the masses. The teens of Whiz kids could truly be the first television computer nerds.

CBS aired 18 episodes of Whiz kids for one season. The show was produced by Philip DeGuere, also the creator of the Simon and Simon TV show.

Cast of Whiz Kids TV Show

Richie Adler - Matthew Laborteaux
Hamilton Parker - Todd Porter
Jeremy Saldino - Jeffrey Jacquet
Llewellen Farley, Jr. - Max Gail
Alice Tyler - Andrea Elson
Cheryl Adler - Melanie Gaffin
Lt. Neal Quinn - A Martinez
Irene Adler - Madelyn Cain
Ms. Vance - Linda Scruggs
Carson Marsh (1984) - Dan O'Herlihy

Trivia for the TV Show Whiz Kids

Jameson Parker brought the character of A.J. Simon over from Whiz Kids creator Philip DeGuere's other series, Simon & Simon. Matthew Laborteaux reciprocated by playing Richie Adler in the Simon & Simon episode entitled Fly the Alibi Skies.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Whiz Kids was televised from 10/05/1983 to 06/02/1984, on the CBS network.

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