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Webster TV Show

TV Series Summary for Webster

Television Show Summary

In the TV show Webster, George, a former pro football player turned sportscaster, and his wife Katherine, a socialite with a career as a consumer advocate, find Webster literally on their doorstep in Chicago.

Webster DVD

TV Show Plot For Webster

Webster came to Chicago as the result of a promise George made to one of his former teamates to take care of his son if anything happened to him. The ex-teamate and his wife were killed in a car accident, and Webster came to live with George.

Other Webster TV series characters included: Jerry, Katherine's male secretary; Cassie and Bill who rented the house to the couple; Phillip, Webster's uncle. George's 14 year-old nephew Nicky moved in with the family in 1987.

ABC aired 150 half hour episodes of the sitcom Webster during it's network run.

Cast of Webster TV Show

Emmanuel Lewis - Webster Long
Alex Karras - George Papadapolis
Susan Clark - Katherine Katherine Calder-Young Papadapolis

Trivia for the TV Show Webster

The original title for the show was Another Ballgame, it was changed to Then Came You and finally Webster. This angered Alex Karras and his wife Susan Clark as the focus of the series shifted to the Emmanuel Lewis character.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Webster was televised from 09/16/1983 to 09/11/1987, on the ABC network.

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