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Threes Company TV Show

TV Series Summary for Threes Company

Television Show Summary

In this 80's TV sitcom Janet and Chrissy recruit Jack Tripper as a roommate to share the rent on their Santa Monica apartment. Jack pretends he is gay to keep the apartments's landlord off their backs.

Threes Company DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for Threes Company Series

01/30/2007 - Capturing The Laughter Jack's Favorites
03/07/2006 - Season 6
05/01/2007 - Janets Favorites
07/25/2006 - Season 7
10/03/2006 - Season 8

TV Show Plot For Threes Company

In the Three's Company series Janet and Chrissy search for a new roomate after their previous female roomate leaves. They find Jack Tripper asleep in the bathroom after the roomate's going away party. Jack is a cooking school student, who is living at the YMCA. He is the perfect roomate, however the landlord Mr. Roper doesn't approve until they make up the story that Jack is gay.

Joyce DeWitt plays the character of Janet Wood, who was the reliable voice of reason in the apartment, and appeared in every season of Three's Company.

Suzanne Somers played the ditzy but loveable blonde Chrissy Snow. The blonde sex symbol Somers left Three's Company in 1981 when the series was peaking in it's ratings.

The character of Cindy, Chrissy's cousin replaced Chrissy temporarily. The following season Cindy left to go to college and a new roommate, a nurse Terri, came to live in the apartment.

Other characters on the show included The Ropers. Norman Fell played the meddling landlord Stanley Roper and Audra Lindley plays his sex starved wife Helen Roper. The Ropers appeared in their own spin off series in 1981 which didn't achieve the success of Three's Company.

The character Ralph Furley, played by Don Knotts, replaced Mr. Roper after the Roper's began their own series.

The TV show Threes Company was televised on CBS from 1977 to 1984, for a total of 174 episodes. The show began as a mid-season, six episode replacement series in January of 1977. Ratings were immediately high for the series, and it was picked up by the network.

Cast of Threes Company TV Show

John Ritter - Jack Tripper
Joyce DeWitt - Janet Wood
Richard Kline - Larry Dallas
Suzanne Somers - Chrissy Snow
Don Knotts - Ralph Furley
Priscilla Barnes - Terri Alden
Audra Lindley - Helen Roper
Norman Fell - Stanley Roper
Jenilee Harrison - Cindy Snow
Jordan Charney - Frank Angelino
Paul Ainsley - Jim the Bartender
Brad Blaisdell - Mike the Bartender
Ann Wedgeworth - Lana Shields

Trivia for the TV Show Threes Company

John Ritter won the Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 1984.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Threes Company was televised from 03/15/1977 to 09/18/1984, on the ABC network.

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