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Tanner 88 TV Show

TV Series Summary for Tanner 88

Television Show Summary

This 80's political satire TV show was created by Director Robert Altman and cartoonist G.B. Trudeau. The show follows the campaign of a Democratic presidential candidate Jack Tanner.

Tanner 88 DVD

TV Show Plot For Tanner 88

Tanner 88 originally ran on HBO during the 1988 presidential primary season. The show satirizes political campaigning in the new media age. Jack Tanner, played by Michael Murphy, is a former congressman turned long-shot candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. The series follows Tanner's campaign all the way to his loss to Michael Dukakis.

Real life political figures and journalists appeared in the Tanner 88 series such as: Bob Dole, Chris Matthews, Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Gary Hart, Pat Robertson and Kitty Dukakis.

Other Tanner '88 characters included: Cynthia Nixon as Jack's teen daughter Alex; Pamela Reed as Tanner's tough campaign manager T. J. Cavanaugh.

The show is available on DVD as Tanner '88 - Criterion Collection.

Cast of Tanner 88 TV Show

Michael Murphy - Jack Tanner
Pamela Reed - T.J. Cavanaugh
Cynthia Nixon - Alex Tanner
Daniel Jenkins - Stringer Kincaid
Kevin J. O'Connor - Taggerty Hayes
Wendy Crewson - Joanna Buckley
Matt Malloy - Deke Connors
Stephen Altman - Rogan
Harry Anderson - Billy

Trivia for the TV Show Tanner 88

Tanner 88 was originally a two-part HBO special that was then expanded to twelve episodes. The series ran from February through August 1988.

The show was shot on video tape and much of the dialogue was improvised on the fly.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Tanner 88 was televised from 02/15/1988 to 08/22/1988, on the HBO network.

Tanner 88 TV Show Emmy Awards:

Robert Altman won best Directing, Drama for the 1988-89 episode The Boiler Room.

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