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St. Elsewhere TV Show

TV Series Summary for St. Elsewhere

Television Show Summary

This Emmy award winning 80's TV show spotlighted the lives of doctors, nurses and patients at St. Eligius Hospital in South Boston.

St. Elsewhere DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for St. Elsewhere Series

11/28/2006 - Season 1

TV Show Plot For St. Elsewhere

St. Elswhere was a critically acclaimed serial drama which ran on NBC for six seasons from 1982 to 1988. Although the show never ranked above #49 in the rankings, it did appeal to an advertiser friendly audience of affluent americans. The series also brought attention to the network by being nominated for 63 Emmy Awards and winning a total of 13.

The urban setting and ensemble cast of St. Elsewhere drew frequent comparisons to the TV show Hill Street Blues. The shows themes were also often controversial. St. Elsewhewre was the first prime-time series to feature an AIDS patient. It was also not uncommon for main characters of the series to die suddenly.

The St. Elsewhere cast included several future stars including: Denzel Washington, Helen Hunt and Howie Mandel.

NBC ran 137 episodes of St. Elsewhere over it's six year network run.

Cast of St. Elsewhere TV Show

Dr. Donald Westphall - Ed Flanders
Mark Craig - William Daniels
Ben Samuels - David Birney
Victor Ehrlich - Ed Begley, Jr.
Jack Morrison - David Morse
Dr. Annie Cavanero - Cynthia Sikes
Wayne Fiscus - Howie Mandel
Cathy Martin - Barbara Whinnery
Peter White - Terence Knox
Hugh Beale - G.W. Bailey
Nurse Helen Rosenthal - Christina Pickles
Phillip Chandler - Denzel Washington
V. J. Kochar - Kavi Raz
Wendy Armstrong - Kim Miyori
Daniel Auschlander - Norman Lloyd
Nurse Shirley Daniels - Ellen Bry
Orderly Luther Hawkins - Eric Laneuville
Joan Halloran - Nancy Stafford
Robert Caldwell - Mark Harmon
Michael Ridley - Paul Sand
Mrs. Ellen Craig - Bonnie Bartlett
Elliot Axelrod - Stephen Furst
Nurse Lucy Papandrao - Jennifer Savidge
Jaqueline Wade - Sagan Lewis
Orderly Warren Coolidge - Byron Stewart
Dr. Emily Humes - Judith Hansen
Alan Poe - Brian Tochi
Nurse Peggy Shotwell - Saundra Sharp
Mrs. Hufnagel - Florence Halop
Roxanne Turner - Alfre Woodard
Ken Valere - George Deloy
Terri Valere - Deborah May
Seth Griffin - Bruce Greenwood
Paulette Kiem - France Nuyen
Carol Novino - Cindy Pickett
John Gideon - Ronny Cox

Trivia for the TV Show St. Elsewhere

Hal Linden (Barney Miller) turned down the St. Elsewhere part of Donald Westphall before Ed Flanders landed the role.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show St. Elsewhere was televised from 10/26/1982 to 05/25/1988, on the NBC network.

St. Elsewhere TV Show Emmy Awards:

Ed Flanders won best Lead Actor, Drama in 1982-83.

James Coco won best Supporting Actor, Drama for the 1982-83 episode Cora and Arnie.

Doris Roberts won best Supporting Actress, Drama for the 1982-83 episode Cora and Arnie.

John Noonan et al won best Writing, Drama for the 1983-84 episode The Women.

William Daniels won best Lead Actor, Drama in 1984-85.

William Daniels won best Lead Actor, Drama in 1985-86.

Bonnie Bartlett won best Supporting Actress, Drama in 1985-86.

Tom Fontana et al won best Writing, Drama for the 1985-86 episode Time Heals.

Bonnie Bartlett won best Supporting Actress, Drama in 1986-87.

Mark Tinker won best Directing, Drama for the 1987-88 episode Weigh In, Way Out.

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