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Silver Spoons TV Show

Television Show Summary for Silver Spoons

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show sitcom tells the story of Edward Stratton III, an imature millionaire who finds out he has a son, Ricky.

Silver Spoons DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for Silver Spoons Series

06/19/2007 - Complete 1st Season

TV Show Plot For Silver Spoons

The TV show Silver Spoons features Ricky Stratton and his millionaire father, Edward. Edward still acts like a child, and has a home filled toys and gadgets. The series shows how Edward teaches the mature Ricky how to be a child, while Ricky teaches Edward to grow up.

Other characters in the show Silver Spoons included: Edwards personal assistant and eventual wife, Kate Summers (Erin Gray); Leonard, Edwards lawyer; business manger, Dexter; Grand- father stratton, the stuffy tycoon; Ricky's friends the con artist Derek, and Alfonso, Dexter's nephew.

NBC ran a total of 116 episodes of the TV show Silver Spoons from 1982 to 1987.

Cast of Silver Spoons TV Show

Ricky Schroder - Ricky Stratton
Joel Higgins - Edward Stratton III
Erin Gray - Kate Summers Stratton
Leonard Lightfoot - Leonard Rollins
Franklyn Seales - Dexter Stuffins
Jason Bateman - Derek Taylor
Corky Pigeon - Freddy Lippincottleman
Alfonso Ribeiro - Alfoso Spears
Bobby Fite - J.T Martin
John Houseman - Grandfather Edward Stratton II
Ray Wilson - Uncle Harry Summers
Billy Jacoby - Brad

Trivia for the TV Show Silver Spoons

Famous Siler Spoons TV show guest stars included: Mr. T (The A-Team), Ray Walston (Fast Times At Ridgemont High) and John Houseman.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Silver Spoons was televised from 09/25/1982 to 03/03/1987, on the NBC network.

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