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Santa Barbara TV Show

80's TV Show Facts for Santa Barbara

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show soap opera was famous for it's offbeat comedic style.

Santa Barbara DVD

TV Show Plot For Santa Barbara

The TV series Santa Barbara chronicled the often eventful lives of the rich Capwell family of Santa Barbara, California. Other Santa Barbara families included: the rival Lockridge family; and the modest Andrade and Perkins families.

The TV show Santa Barbara ran for a total of 2137 episodes on NBC from 1984 to 1993.

Cast of Santa Barbara TV Show

Jed Allan - C.C. Capwell # 4
Dame Judith Anderson - Minx Lockridge # 1
Charles Bateman - C.C. Capwell # 3
Joseph Bottoms - Kirk Cranston
Michael Brainard - Ted Capwell # 2
Brandon Call - Brandon DeMott Capwell # 3
John Callahan - Craig Hunt)
Margarita Cordova - Rosa Andrade
Nicolas Coster - Lionel Lockridge
Russell Curry - Lt. Vic Boswell # 3
Henry Darrow - Rafael Castillo # 1
Eileen Davidson - Kelly Capwell Perkins Conrad # 4
Lane Davies - Mason Capwell # 1
Justin Deas - Keith Timmons # 1
Richard Eden - Brick Wallace
Stacy Edwards - Hayley Benson Capwell
Gina Gallego - Santana Andrade # 3
Carrington Garland - Kelly Capwell Perkins Conrad # 3
Timothy Gibbs - Dash Nichols
Justin Gocke - Brandon DeMott Capwell # 7
Nancy Lee Grahn - Julia Wainwright Capwell
Vincent Irizarry - Dr. Scott Clark
Paula Irvine - Lily Light # 2
Ross Kettle - Jeffrey Conrad
A Martinez - Cruz Castillo
Robin Mattson - Gina Blake DeMott Capwell Timmons # 2
Christopher Mayer - T.J. Daniels
Judith McConnell - Sophia Wayne Capwell # 2
Todd McKee - Ted Capwell # 1
Kristen Meadows - Victoria 'Tori' Lane Capwell
Karen Moncrieff - Cassandra Benedict Lockridge
John Allen Nelson - Warren Lockridge # 1
Janis Paige - Minx Lockridge # 2
Rupert Ravens - Danny Andrade
Julie Ronnie - Laken Lockridge # 1
Frank Runyeon - Father Michael Donnelly
Kerry Sherman - Amy Perkins Wallace
Louise Sorel - Augusta Lockridge
Robert Thaler - Michael 'Pearl' Bradford III
Gordon Thomson - Mason Capwell # 3
Jack Wagner - Warren Lockridge # 3
Marcy Walker - Eden Capwell Cranston Castillo
Robin Wright - Robin Wright Penn Perkins Conrad # 1
Carmen Zapata - Carmen Castillo # 1

Trivia for the TV Show Santa Barbara

In the 80's, when Santa Barbara's character Augusta Lockridge (Louise Sorel) was blinded following a brain tumor, Ronald and Nancy Reagan sent Sorel a note wishing her a speedy recovery.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Santa Barbara was televised from 07/30/1984 to 01/15/1993, on the NBC network.

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