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Private Benjamin TV Show

Television Show Summary for Private Benjamin

Television Show Summary

Another 80's TV show based on an 80's movie by the same name. Private Judy Benjamin is a spoiled, rich socialite struggling to survive in the army's basic training.

Private Benjamin DVD

TV Show Plot For Private Benjamin

The TV show Private Benjamin is based on the 1980 film starring Goldie Hawn. Lorna patterson (Airplane!) stars as Private Judy Benjamin in the small screen version of the popular movie. Benjamin gets along well with the other soldiers in her unit, but her superiors are frustrateed by her lack of discipline.

Other show characters included: two characters from the film Private Benjamin - Eileen Brennan as Capt Doreen Lewis and Hal Williams as Sgt. Ted Ross. The two were in charge of turning the pampered Pvt. Benjamin into a real soldier.

CBS aired a total of 37 episodes of the TV series Private Benjamin from 1981 to 1983.

Cast of Private Benjamin TV Show

Lorna Patterson - Pvt Judy Benjamin
Eileen Brennan - Capt Doreen Lewis
Robert Mandan - Col Lawrence Fielding
Hal Williams - Sgt Lucien C 'Ted' Ross
Wendie Jo Sperber - Pvt Stacy Kouchalakas
Lisa Raggio - Pvt Maria Gianelli
Joyce Little - Pvt Rayleen White
Lucy Webb - Pvt Lu Ann Hubble
Damita Jo Freeman - Pvt Jackie Simms
Ann Ryerson - Pvt Carol Winter
Joan Roberts - Pvt Barbara Ann Glass
Francesca P Roberts - Pvt Harriet Dorsey

Trivia for the TV Show Private Benjamin

Two other failed attempts were made to turn Private Benjamin into a TV sitcom. Paramount made a pilot called Hot WACS which aired in June of 1981; NBC created Wendy Hooper - US Army two months later in August of 1981.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Private Benjamin was televised from 04/06/1981 to 09/12/1983, on the CBS network.

Private Benjamin TV Show Emmy Awards:

Eileen Brennan won best Supporting Actress, Comedy in 1980-81.

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