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Perfect Strangers TV Show

TV Series Summary for Perfect Strangers

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show sitcom is about Balki Bartokomous, from the island of Mypos, who travels to the United States in search of his relatives. He finds his cousin, Larry Appleton - who has finally left his family and moved into his own bachelor apartment.

Perfect Strangers DVD

TV Show Plot For Perfect Strangers

In the TV show Perfect Strangers the two opposite cousins Balki and Larry end up sharing Larry's new Chicago apartment. Larry is panicky and jaded, Balki is calm and idealistic.

Other first season characters in the Perfect Strangers TV series included: Mr. Twinkacetti, Larry's boss at the Ritz Discount Shop; Susan, Larry's nurse friend who lives in the same building.

During the second season Larry took employment as a photojournalist at the Chicago Chronicle, and Balki got a job in the paper's mailroom. The second Perfect Strangers' season brought some new characters like: newspaper coworkers Harriette, the sharp younged elevator operator, Lydia, the advice columnist, and Mr. Gorpley is Balki's boss in the mailroom; Two stewardesses, Jennifer, Larry's eventual love interest, and Mary Anne move into the apartment above them.

Near the end of the Perfect Strangers network run, Larry and Jennifer were married and move into a house, where they take in Balki and Mary Anne as tenants.

A total of 150 episodes of Perfect Strangers aired on ABC over it's eight season's on network TV.

Cast of Perfect Strangers TV Show

Mark Linn-Baker - Larry Appleton
Bronson Pinchot - Balki Bartokomous
Candi Milo - Gina Morelli
Allan Graf - Richard
George Wyner - Marvin Berman
F.J. O'Neil - Mr. Wainright
Ernie Sabella - Mr. Donald "Twinkie" Twinkacetti
JoMarie Payton - Harriette Baines Winslow

Trivia for the TV Show Perfect Strangers

When the Perfect Strangers TV show was suddenly cancelled, Balki was ready to marry Mary Anne. Several never before seen episodes were aired in the summer of 1993, in which that marriage did happen, and both couples had babies.

Balki was a a sheepherder from the small Mediterranean Greek-like island of Mypos.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Perfect Strangers was televised from 03/25/1986 to 08/06/1993, on the ABC network.

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