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People Next Door TV Show

TV Series Summary for People Next Door

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV series sitcom features Walter Kellogg, a widower with a teenage daughter, who draws a strange comic strip called "The People Next Door."

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TV Show Plot For People Next Door

In the TV series The People Next Door Walter has the psychic ability to make objects of his unique imagination come true (like when he turned 40 and imagined himself pregnant.) Walter would often bounce new comic strip ideas off the moose he has mounted on the wall.

Walter and his teenage daughter move into an apartment complex and create chaos as the "People Next Door."

Only five episodes of the TV series The People Next Door appeared on CBS in 1989.

Cast of People Next Door TV Show

Jeffrey Jones - Walter Kellogg
Jaclyn Bernstein - Aurora Kellogg
Mary Gross - Abigail McIntyre
Kellogg Chance Quinn - Matthew Kellogg
Christina Pickles - Cissy McIntyre
Leslie Jordan - Truman Fipp

Trivia for the TV Show People Next Door

Dick Clark guest starred as himself in the People Next Door episode titled "Dream Date."

Dr. Joyce brothers appeared as herself in the epiosode "You Show Me Yours."

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show People Next Door was televised from 09/18/1989 to 10/16/1989, on the CBS network.

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