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One Day at a Time TV Show

Television Show Summary for One Day at a Time

Television Show Summary

The 80's TV show One Day at a Time features a recently divorced mom (Ann Romano) who has two teenage daughters (Barbara and Julie). Together they try to start a new life in Indianapolis, Indiana.

One Day at a Time DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for One Day at a Time Series

04/24/2007 - Complete 1st Season

TV Show Plot For One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time first aired in December 1975 The show produced over 200 episodes during it's nine year series run.

Most of the One Day At A Time show episodes focused on Ann trying to raise her two headstrong daughters while maintaining a career at the same time. The mother and her daughters dealt with controversial issues on the show including: birth control, sexuality, virginity, alcohol and other substance abuse.

Through the years the girls grew up, got married and started their own families. Julie married Max Horvath in 1979 and in 1982, Barbara married Mark Royer.

Other One Day At A Time cast members included, building super Dwayne Schneider, Katherine Romano, Ann's mother and Ann's business associate Francine Webster.

Ann had several love interests during the show's run. David Kane was one who actually proposed and was turned down. Nick Handris was another serious boyfriend. Nick had a son Alex and when Nick died in 1981, Alex moved in with Ann. In 1982, Ann became involved with Sam Royer, Mark's dad and they eventually married.

The popular character of building superintendent Schneider played an important role in the show. He usually provided the necessary comic relief during the ongoing serious topics covered in the story line.

Cast of One Day at a Time TV Show

Ann Romano Royer - Bonnie Franklin
Julie Cooper Horvath - Mackenzie Phillips
Barbara Cooper Royer - Valerie Bertinelli
Dwayne Schneider - Pat Harrington, Jr.
Ed Cooper - Joseph Campanella
David Kane - Richard Masur
Ginny Wrobliki - Mary Louise Wilson
Mr. Jerry Davenport - Charles Siebert
Max Horvath - Michael Lembeck
Grandma Katherine Romano - Nanette Fabray
Nick Handris - Ron Rifkin
Alex Handris - Glenn Scarpelli
Francine Webster - Shelley Fabares
Mark Royer - Boyd Gaines
Sam Royer - Howard Hesseman
Annie Horvath - Lauren & Paige Maloney

Trivia for the TV Show One Day at a Time

When Mackenzie Phillips left One Day At A Time for the second time, the character of Julie was written out by first going away for training for her job and then having her leave Max and their daughter Annie.

Top 20 Ratings Info for One Day at a Time Series

1980-81 - 5th Season - Ranked #11
1981-82 - 6th Season - Ranked #10
1982-83 - 7th Season - Ranked #16

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show One Day at a Time was televised from 12/16/1975 to 09/02/1984, on the CBS network.

One Day at a Time TV Show Emmy Awards:

Alan Rafkin won best Directing, Comedy for the 1981-82 episode Barbara's Crisis.

Pat Harrington, Jr. won best Supporting Actor, Comedy in 1983-84.

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