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Nurses TV Show

TV Series Summary for Nurses

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show is another Miami based sitcom developed and produced by Susan Harris, and was a spin-off from Harris' earlier series Empty Nest.

Nurses DVD

TV Show Plot For Nurses

The show focused on the nurses stationed on the third floor desk of the same fictional hospital that employed Empty Nest's Dr. Harry Weston - Community Medical Center. The setting for the TV show Nurses was the same Miami neighborhood as the TV show Empty Nest and Harris' TV series The Golden Girls. Characters from all three series made guest appearances on the others.

The main Nurses characters were: Head Nurse Annie Roland (Arnetia Walker), Nurse Sandy Miller (Stephanie Hodge), Nurse Julie Milbury (Mary Jo Keenen), and Gina Cuevas (Ada Maris).

After lackluster ratings in the first two seasons, Nurses added television star Loni Anderson to the cast as Casey MacAfee, a hospital administrator. This move failed to boost ratings, the show was taken off the air after its third season.

A total of 68 episodes of Nurses aired on NBC over it's three year network run.

Cast of Nurses TV Show

Arnetia Walker - Nurse Annie Roland
Mary Jo Keenen - Nurse Julie Milbury
Kip Gilman - Dr. Hank Kaplan
Carlos Lacamara - Paco Ortiz
Ada Maris - Gina Cuevas
David Rasche - Jack Trenton
Stephanie Hodge - Nurse Sandy Miller
Loni Anderson - Casey MacAfee
Richard Mulligan - Dr. Harry Weston

Trivia for the TV Show Nurses

Nurses was created by Susan Harris, who also produced The 80's TV shows The Golden Girls and Empty Nest.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Nurses was televised from 09/14/1991 to 05/07/1994, on the NBC network.

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