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Night Court TV Show

TV Show Review for Night Court

Television Show Summary

The 80's TV show Night Court featured Judge Harold T. Stone presiding over a New York Manhattan Night Court which deals with petty and sometimes bizarre crimes.

Night Court DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for Night Court Series

02/28/2006 - Television Favorites

TV Show Plot For Night Court

Night Court became part of NBC's "Must See Thursday" lineup which featured the hit 80's shows The Cosby Show, Family Ties (later replaced by A Different World), Cheers and Night Court.

Night Court was created by comedy writer Reinhold Weege, who had previously worked on the series Barney Miller in the 70' and early 80's. Night Court was not created with Harry Anderson in mind, but Anderson auditioned and proved to be similar in personality to the character.

Other characters who worked in Night Court were: Selma was the chain-smoking matron; Bull, the intelligent yet niave, bald, six- foot-eight, bailiff; The unscrupulous Asst. D.A. Dan Fielding; Mac, the sensible court clerk; and Christine, the attractive defense attorney.

Night Court also had several notable guest stars. John Astin appeared on several episodes as Harry's father, and Mel Torme played himself on several series episodes.

Cast of Night Court TV Show

Harry Anderson - Judge Harold T. "Harry" Stone
Richard Moll - Baliff Nostradamus 'Bull' Shannon
John Larroquette - Asst. D.A. Dan Fielding
Charles Robinson - Court Clerk MacIntosh 'Mac' Robinson
Selma Diamond - Bailiff Selma Hacker
Markie Post - Public Defender Christine Sullivan
Ellen Foley - Public Defender Billie Young
Marsha Warfield - Rosalind Jane 'Roz' Russell
Paula Kelly - Public Defender Liz Williams
Florence Halop - Bailiff Florence Kleiner
Karen Austin - Court Clerk Lana Wagner
John Astin - Buddy Ryan

Trivia for the TV Show Night Court

In the first season NBC tried six different female leads for Night Court before Markie Post was finally selected.

The Night Court series ran for nine seasons from 1984 to 1992 for a total of 193 episodes.

Top 20 Ratings Info for Night Court Series

1984-85 - 2nd Season - Ranked #20
1985-86 - 3rd Season - Ranked #11
1986-87 - 4th Season - Ranked #7
1987-88 - 5th Season - Ranked #7
1988-89 - 6th Season - Ranked #21

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Night Court was televised from 01/04/1984 to 05/31/1992, on the NBC network.

Night Court TV Show Emmy Awards:

John Larroquette won best Supporting Actor, Comedy in 1984-85.

John Larroquette won best Supporting Actor, Comedy in 1985-86.

John Larroquette won best Supporting Actor, Comedy in 1986-87.

John Larroquette won best Supporting Actor, Comedy in 1987-88.

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