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Newhart TV Show

Television Show Summary for Newhart

Television Show Summary

In the 80's TV show Newhart, Dick Loudon and his wife Joanna leave their life in Manhattan to purchase a small bed and breakfast (The Stratford Inn) in Vermont.

Newhart DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for Newhart Series

02/26/2008 - Complete 1st Season

TV Show Plot For Newhart

Dick (Bob Newhart) is a how-to book writer who becomes host of the "Vermont Today" TV show. George Utley is the handyman at the inn and Leslie Vanderkellen is the maid.

Newhart featured the unfogettable characters of Dick's neighbors, the brothers Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. Despite sharing a name, Darryl and Darryl never speak to each other. The characters of Larry, Darryl, and Darryl also appeared in several episodes of the TV series Coach.

This creation of Newhart came just four years after the original long running Bob Newhart Show ended it's run on CBS.

In the last episode of Newhart, a Japanese visitor announces that he plans to purchase the entire town and turn it into a giant golf course. Everyone in the town but Dick is thrilled and sells their property. The idea for the ending was thought up by Bob Newhart's wife, Virginia.

Cast of Newhart TV Show

Dick Loudon - Bob Newhart
Joanna Loudon - Mary Frann
Kirk Devane - Steven Kampmann
George Utley - Tom Poston
Leslie Vanderkellen - Jennifer Holmes
Stephanie Vanderkellen - Julia Duffy
Larry - William Sanderson
Brother Darryl - Tony Papenfuss
Other Brother Darryl - John Voldstad
Michael Harris - Peter Scolari
Jim Dixon - Thomas Hill
Harley Estin - Jeff Doucette
Bev Dutton - Linda Carlson
Constable Shifflett - Todd Susman
Chester Wanamaker - William Lanteau

Trivia for the TV Show Newhart

The fictional Vermont town where the Newhart show takes place is never named during the series.

Top 20 Ratings Info for Newhart Series

1982-83 - 1st Season - Ranked #13
1983-84 - 2nd Season - Ranked #23
1984-85 - 3rd Season - Ranked #16
1985-86 - 4th Season - Ranked #16
1986-87 - 5th Season - Ranked #12
1987-88 - 6th Season - Ranked #25

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Newhart was televised from 10/25/1982 to 09/08/1990, on the CBS network.

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