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Mr. Belvedere TV Show

80's TV Show Facts for Mr. Belvedere

Television Show Summary

The 80's TV show Mr. Belvedere foucsed on the Owens family of Pittsburgh, PA. Mr. Belvedere, an experienced English housekeeper, comes to work for the Owens, and the comedy begins.

Mr. Belvedere DVD

TV Show Plot For Mr. Belvedere

The Belvedere TV series begins when Marsha Owens decides she can't handle the household anymore with her studying. Mr. Lynn Belevedere applys for, and gets the housekeeping position.

George Owens was a sports writer, and Marsha was a homemaker turned law-student. Other Belevedere TV show characters included the Owens' children; 16 year old Kevin, 14 year old Heather and 8 year old Wesley.

At the end of each episode, Belvedere would write an entry in his journal concerning the situations that occurred in each episode.

In 1990, the Belvedere series was canceled after 117 half-hour episodes. The show ends with Mr. Belvedere getting married and leaving the Owens to live with his new wife in Africa.

Cast of Mr. Belvedere TV Show

Ilene Graff - Marsha Owens
Christopher Hewett - Mr. Lynn Belvedere
Bob Uecker - George Owens
Rob Stone - Kevin Owens
Tracy Wells - Heather Owens
Brice Beckham - Wesley Owens

Trivia for the TV Show Mr. Belvedere

The Beleveder TV show was based on the novel Belvedere written by Gwen Davenport.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Mr. Belvedere was televised from 03/15/1985 to 07/08/1990, on the ABC network.

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