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Mork and Mindy TV Show

Television Show Summary for Mork and Mindy

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show sci-fi sitcom stars Robin Williams as Mork from Ork, an alien hatched from an egg and sent to investigate Earth and report back to his bosses.

Mork and Mindy DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for Mork and Mindy Series

11/27/2007 - Complete 3rd Season

TV Show Plot For Mork and Mindy

Mork is a space alien from the planet Ork sent to Earth, in his egg, to study it's inhabitants. Mork reports back to his superior, Orson. Mork meets Mindy McConnell (Pam Dawber), who takes him in to live in her apartment.

Famous guest stars on the Mork & Monsy TV series included: David Letterman, Morgan Fairchild, Penny Marshall and Geoffrey Lewis.

ABC aired a total of 95 episodes of the TV
series Mork and Mindy from 1978 to 1982.

Cast of Mork and Mindy TV Show

Robin Williams as Mork
Pam Dawber as Mindy Beth McConnell
Conrad Janis as Frederick McConnell
Elizabeth Kerr as Cora Hudson
Jeffrey Jacquet as Eugene
Ralph James as Orson
Tom Poston as Franklin Delano Bickley
Jay Thomas as Remo DaVinci
Gina Hecht as Jean DaVinci
Jim Staahl as Nelson Flavor
Robert Donner as Exidor
Crissy Wilzak as Glenda Faye "Crissy" Comstock
Foster Brooks as Mr. Miles Sternhagen
Jonathan Winters as Mearth

Trivia for the TV Show Mork and Mindy

Fonzie from the TV show Happy Days (where the character Mork first appeared) shows up in the first episode of Mork & Mindy.

The show was most famous for Mork's saying, 'nanoo nanoo.'

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Mork and Mindy was televised from 09/14/1978 to 06/10/1982, on the ABC network.

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