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Matlock TV Show

Television Show Summary for Matlock

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show features Ben Matlock, a defense attorney who was raised in Georgia and educated at Harvard. He charges $100,000 per case but he always finds the real criminal.

Matlock DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for Matlock Series

04/08/2008 - Season 1

TV Show Plot For Matlock

Other characters on the Matlock legal drama series were: daughters and lawyers Charlene and Leanne; Matlock's investigators Tyler Hudson, Conrad McMasters and Cliff Lewis. Ben's girlfriend, associate D.A. Julie March; and his contact on the Atlanta police, Lt. Bob Brooks.

Jake and the Fatman was an 80's TV series spin-off based on a character from the 1986 Matlock episode titled The Don.

ABC (1992-1995) and NBC (1986-1992) broadcast a total of 195 episodes over Matlock's ten year network run.

Cast of Matlock TV Show

Andy Griffith - Benjamin Matlock
Nancy Stafford - Michelle Thomas
Clarence Gilyard Jr. - Conrad McMasters
David Froman - Lt. Bob Brooks
Kene Holliday - Tyler Hudson
Richard Newton - Judge Richard Cooksey
Julie Sommars - A.D.A. Julie March
Daniel Roebuck - Cliff Lewis
Brynn Thayer - Leanne McIntyre
Michael Durrell - D.A. Lloyd Burgess
Linda Purl - Charlene Matlock
Al Wiggins - Judge Clagett
Warren Frost - Billy Lewis
Don Knotts .... Les Calhoun

Trivia for the TV Show Matlock

Former Andy Griffith show cast members Don Knotts, Aneta Corsaut, Jack Dodson, Betty Lynn, and Arlene Golonka all appeared on the Matlock TV series.

Top 20 Ratings Info for Matlock Series

1986-87 - 1st Season - Ranked #15
1987-88 - 2nd Season - Ranked #14
1988-89 - 3rd Season - Ranked #12
1989-90 - 4th Season - Ranked #20

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Matlock was televised from 09/23/1986 to 05/07/1995, on the NBC network.

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