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Lou Grant TV Show

Television Show Summary for Lou Grant

Television Show Summary

The 80's TV show drama Lou Grant was a spinoff from the sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Lou Grant is fired from his TV job, and moved to Los Angeles to work as editor of a newspaper.

Lou Grant DVD

TV Show Plot For Lou Grant

The Lou Grant TV series picks up after the television staff of the Mary Tyler Moore Show were fired. Lou goes to California to work as the City Editor for the Los Angeles Tribune.

Other Lou Grant characters included: Robert Walden and Linda Kelsey, the reporters Joe Rossi and Billie Newman,; Mason Adams, managing editor Charles Hume; Jack Bannon, assistant city editor Art Donovan; Daryl Anderson, photographer Dennis "Animal" Price; and Nancy Marchand, publisher Margaret Pynchon.

CBS aired 114 episodes of the Lou Grant TV show from 1977 to 1982.

Cast of Lou Grant TV Show

Allen Williams - Adam Wilson
Edward Asner - Lou Grant
Linda Kelsey - Billie Newman McCovey
Mason Adams - Charlie Hume
Robert Walden - Joe Rossi
Jack Bannon - Art Donovan
Daryl Anderson - Dennis "Animal" Price
Rebecca Balding - Carla Mardigian
Laurence Haddon - Foreign Editor
Nancy Marchand - Margaret Pynchon

Trivia for the TV Show Lou Grant

Mrs. Pynchon, the widowed owner of the Los Angeles Tribune in the TV show Lou Grant, was based on Mrs. Graham, the real widowed owner of the Washington Post.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Lou Grant was televised from 09/20/1977 to 09/13/1982, on the CBS network.

Lou Grant TV Show Emmy Awards:

Nancy Marchand won best Supporting Actress, Drama in 1980-81.

Nancy Marchand won best Supporting Actress, Drama in 1981-82.

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