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Highway To Heaven TV Show

TV Series Summary for Highway To Heaven

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show features Jonathan Smith, an angel sent back to Earth to help people. Early in the series Jonathan meets ex-cop Mark Gordon who becomes his assitant, after being helped by the angel himself.

Highway To Heaven DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for Highway To Heaven Series

03/28/2006 - Season 3

TV Show Plot For Highway To Heaven

Angel Jonathan Smith (Michael Landon) is ordered by God (The Boss) to return to Earth and assist troubled people in getting their lives back on track. After meeting a distressed ex-cop, Mark Gordon (Victor French), and helping to reform him, Mark agrees to become Jonathan's partner and fulfill the obligations placed on him by God.

As the duo travel throughout the country disguised as nomads, Jonathan communicates with the boss to get new assignments. The Highway To Heaven series themes are focused on moral, compassion and Christian themes.

The Highway To Heaven TV show was abandoned by Landon after his costar and friend French died of cancer in 1989.

Highway to Heaven aired a total of 111 episodes on NBC during it's five year network run. The first three seasons of the series are available on DVD.

Cast of Highway To Heaven TV Show

Michael Landon - Jonathan Smith
Victor French - Mark Gordon
James Troesh - Scotty
Margie Impert - Diane

Trivia for the TV Show Highway To Heaven

In addition to Highway to Heaven, Michael Landon and Victor French both starred together on the 80's TV series Little House on the Prairie.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Highway To Heaven was televised from 09/19/1984 to 08/01/1989, on the NBC network.

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