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Head of the Class TV Show

Television Show Summary for Head of the Class

Television Show Summary

This popular 80's TV show sitcom foucuses on the brainy students and their teacher in the Individualized Honors Program at a Manhattan High School.

Head of the Class DVD

TV Show Plot For Head of the Class

Struggling New York actor Charlie Moore takes a job as a substitute teacher to make ends meat. He takes a job at Manhattan's Fillmore high school teaching geniuses in their honors program. Previously the teachers let the advanced thinking children learn on their own. The Principal, Dr. Samuels expects Mr. Moore to do the same. But Moore decides to teach the brainiacs things that aren't found in textbooks. He is so successful that the parents demand that he is kept on full-time.

The Head of The Class characters included: Principal Dr. Samuels and Assistant Principal Bernadette; Arvid the classic bookworm nerd complete with glasses and pocket slide rule; Dennis, the overweight chemistry genius; Maria, the driven Type A; Jawaharlal, a language challenged exchange student; Simone, the poetry lover; Eric, the cool guy; 12-year-old genius Janice; Alan the future yuppie; and rich kid Darlene.

Head of the Class TV series aired 113 episodes during it's five year ABC network run.

Cast of Head of the Class TV Show

Robin Givens - Darlene Merriman
Howard Hesseman - Charlie Moore
Billy Connolly - Billy MacGregor
William G. Schilling - Dr. Harold Samuels
Rain Pryor - T.J. Jones
Jeanetta Arnette - Bernadette Meara
Dan Frischman - Arvid Engen
Leslie Bega - Maria Borges
Khrystyne Haje - Simone Foster
Jory Husain - Jawaharlal Choudhury
Brian Robbins - Eric Mardian
Tony 0'Dell - Alan Pinkard
Daniel J. Schneider - Dennis Blunden
Kimberly Russel - Sarah Nevis
De Voreaux White - Aristotle McKenzie
Michael DeLorenzo - Alex Torres
Lara Piper - Viki Amory
Jonathan Ke Quan - Jasper Kwong
Tannis Vallely - Janice Lazarotto

Trivia for the TV Show Head of the Class

The Head of the Class TV show folded after the popular Howard Nessman left after the 4th season. Billy Connoly took over as the teacher, but the ratings fell, an the series was canceled.

Top 20 Ratings Info for Head of the Class Series

1987-88 - 2nd Season - Ranked #24
1988-89 - 3rd Season - Ranked #20

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Head of the Class was televised from 09/17/1986 to 06/25/1991, on the ABC network.

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