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Flo TV Show

80's TV Show Facts for Flo

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show spin-off featured the waitress Flo from the TV series Alice. Flo was famous for the feisty saying "kiss my grits".


TV Show Plot For Flo

Flo spent four years as a sassy, gum chewing waitress at Mel's Diner on the TV show Alice. In this series, Flo Castleberry leaves the Phoenix Mel's diner and buys her own place in Texas - the roadhouse named Flo's Yellow Rose.

Other characters on the TV show Flow included: Earl, the bartender who dislike having a woman as his boss; Farley was the obnoxious cheapskate who lent Flo the money to but the place; Les was the roadhouse's piano player; Randy was the mechanic who worked nearby; Mama, who gave Flo her personality; Flo's sister Fran; and her best friend Miriam.

Twenty-nine episodes of the TV show Flo were televised on the CBS network from 1980 to 1981.

Cast of Flo TV Show

Polly Holliday - Florence Jean (Flo) Castleberry
Geoffrey Lewis - Earl Tucker
Jim B. Baker - Farley Waters
Sudie Bond - Mama Velma Castleberry
Lucy Lee Flippin - Fran Castleberry
Joyce Bulifant - Miriam Willoughby
Leo Burmester - Randy Stumphill
Stephen Keep - Les Kincaid
Terry Wills - Wendell Tubbs
Mickey Jones - Chester
George "Buck" Flower - Roy

Trivia for the TV Show Flo

Although the series Flo only ran for two seasons, Polly Holliday did not return to the TV show Alice. Flo had been replaced by the character Belle on Alice.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Flo was televised from 03/24/1980 to 07/21/1981, on the CBS network.

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