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Famous Teddy Z, The TV Show

Television Show Summary for Famous Teddy Z, The

Television Show Summary

The Famous Teddy Z is an 80's TV show sitcom that introduced us to Teddy Zakalokis, a mail room temp at Unlimited Talent Agency.

Famous Teddy Z, The DVD

TV Show Plot For Famous Teddy Z, The

On the TV show The Famous Teddy Z, talent agency mail clerk Teddy Zakalokis is sent to the airport to pickup a client, a world famous actor. The actor is such a jerk that Teddy ends up punching him. However, he likes that Teddy is the only person ever to stand up to him, and demands that Teddy be his new agent.

The series chronicled Teddy's life at the agency and his home life with his brother and grandmother.

Only 14 episodes of the series aired on NBC from 1989 to 1990. The show was cancelled in mid-season.

Cast of Famous Teddy Z, The TV Show

John Cryer - Teddy Zakalokis
Alex Rocco - Albert "Al" T. Floss
Jane Sibbett - Laurie Parr
Tom LaGrua - Richard "Richie" Herby
Erica Yohn - Deena Zakalokis
Milton Selzer - Abe Werkfinder
Josh Blake - Aristotle "Ari" Zakalokis

Trivia for the TV Show Famous Teddy Z, The

The idea for the series The Famous Teddy Z is based on an incident with actor Marlon Brando that actually took place.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Famous Teddy Z, The was televised from 09/18/1989 to 05/12/1990, on the CBS network.

Famous Teddy Z, The TV Show Emmy Awards:

Alex Rocco won best Supporting Actor, Comedy in 1989-90.

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