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Fame TV Show

TV Series Summary for Fame

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show was based on the 1980 movie Fame, about the students and faculty of the New York City High School for The Performing Arts.

Fame DVD

TV Show Plot For Fame

The TV show Fame was a comedy/musical drama series which ran from 1982 to 1987, and was based on the movie by the same name.

The television series begins with a new crop of gifted students being introduced to the school of performing arts. The Fame TV series themes dealt with the trials and tribulations of young people trying to thrive in a highly competitive environment.

The Fame series' theme song was by singer Irene Cara, and was a hit when the original Fame movie was released.

Cast of Fame TV Show

Debbie Allen - Lydia Grant
Albert Hague - Benjamin Shorofsky
Carol Mayo Jenkins - Elizabeth Sherwood
Lee Curreri - Bruno Martelli
Erica Gimpel - Coco Hernandez
Carlo Imperato - Danny Amatullo
P.R. Paul - Montgomery MacNeil
Valerie Landsburg - Doris Schwartz
Gene Anthony Ray - Leroy Johnson
Lori Singer - Julie Miller`

Trivia for the TV Show Fame

When Fame was cancelled by NBC, the show ran in syndication for several more years.

The show Fame was supposed to take place in New York City. The actors traveled to NYC each year to film outdoor scenes, but shot most of the series in Los Angeles.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Fame was televised from 01/07/1982 to 05/18/1987, on the NBC network.

Fame TV Show Emmy Awards:

Harry Harris won best Directing, Drama for the 1981-82 episode To Soar and Never Falter.

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