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Facts of Life TV Show

TV Series Summary for Facts of Life

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show chronicles a group of girls attend a boarding school and experience the good and the bad of adolescence under the guidence of housemother Edna Garrett.

Facts of Life DVD

TV Show Plot For Facts of Life

The Facts of Life series premiered in August of 1979 on NBC. It was spun-off from the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes on which Charlotte Rae played Mrs. Garrett. In The Facts of Life, Mrs. Garrett has become headmistress to an exclusive girls school, Eastland.

The Facts Of Life series went on to become one of the longest running sitcoms of the 1980's.

In the opening season the stories mainly focused on Mrs. Garrett and the adjustment to her new employment. There were seven girls, Nancy, Blair, Sue Ann, Cindy, Molly, Natalie and Tootie. At the beginning of the season number two, the cast was slimmed to Mrs. Garrett and four girls, Blair, Tootie, Natalie and a new girl, Jo. These four girls would remain until the end of the series. Mrs. Garrett re-married and left the show in 1986. Cloris Leachman signed on and played Mrs. Garrett's sister, Beverly Ann from 1986 until the shows finale.

Facts of Life ran for nine seasons and a total of 209 episodes.

Cast of Facts of Life TV Show

Main Cast:
Lisa Whelchel - Blair Warner
Kim Fields - Dorothy 'Tootie' Ramsey
Mindy Cohn - Natalie Letisha Sage Green
Charlotte Rae - Mrs. Edna Ann Garrett
Nancy McKeon - Joanna 'Jo' Marie Polniaczek Bonner

Other notable cast members:
Molly Ringwald - Molly Parker
Cloris Leachman - Beverly Ann Stickle
George Clooney - George Burnett
Todd Bridges - Willis Jackson
Gary Coleman - Arnold Jackson
Eve Plumb - Meg Warner
Seth Green - Adam Brinkerhoff
Juliette Lewis - Terry Rankin
Dana Plato - Kimberly Drummond
Conrad Bain - Phillip Drummond
Helen Hunt - Emily
Zsa Zsa Gabor - Countess Calvet
Crispin Glover - Cadet #1
Jermaine Jackson - Himself
Moon Unit Zappa - Sondra
Charo - Herself
Dick Van Patten - Frank Stickle
Bobby Rydell - Himself
David Spade - Scott

Trivia for the TV Show Facts of Life

During the last season of Facts Of Life, David Spade was in an episode that was supposed to be spun-off into a series called "Big Apple Blues" about college roommates living in New York City, but it never happened.

The original idea for Facts Of Life was that Edna Garrett, (the housekeeper on "Diff'rent Strokes"), would become the headmistress at the school that Kimberly Drummond (Dana Plato) attended. But after the pilot was shot, the producers decided to keep Plato on "Diff'rent Strokes".

On November 18, 2001, ABC aired The Facts of Life Reunion, in which Mrs. Garrett, Natalie, Blair and Tootie reunite.

The Facts of Life theme song was written by Alan Thicke, Gloria Loring and Al Burton and sung by Charlotte Rae (Season 1) and Gloria Loring (Seasons 2-9).

Top 20 Ratings Info for Facts of Life Series

1981-82 - 3rd Season - Ranked #24
1983-84 - 5th Season - Ranked #24

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Facts of Life was televised from 08/24/1979 to 09/10/1988, on the NBC network.

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