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Empty Nest TV Show

80's TV Show Facts for Empty Nest

Television Show Summary

The 80's TV show Empty Nest is located in Miami and tells of the wacky misadventures of Harry Weston, a widowed pediatrician. Weston has two adult daughters, Barbara and Carol Weston, who have come back to live with him after being divorced.

Empty Nest DVD

TV Show Plot For Empty Nest

Empty Nest creator Susan Harris, fresh off the sucessful series Golden Girls, decided to develop a companion series set just down the street from the golden girls and centering around the empty nest syndrome.

After the initial pilot (the cast included Rita Moreno) was scraped, Harris assembled a talented cast and reworked the new series. From its very first episode, Empty Nest was a hit. The series showed itself as more than just a spinoff, and eventually had more viewers than the Golden Girls did.

Cast of Empty Nest TV Show

Kristy McNichol - Officer Barbara Weston
Richard Mulligan - Dr. Harry Weston
Dinah Manoff - Carol Weston
Park Overall - Laverne Higby Todd Kane
Bear the Dog - Dreyfuss
David Leisure - Charley Dietz
D. David Morin - Kevin
Todd Susman - Ben Braxton
Edan Gross - Jeffrey Millstein
Elise Ogden - Mrs. Lasko
Sid Melton - Man
Caston Holmes - Scotty

Trivia for the TV Show Empty Nest

The Golden Girls May 16, 1987 episode named Empty Nests was the pilot for the series and starred Rita Moreno as Renee.

Kristy McNichol quit the series after the show's fifth season. She did however return for Empty Nest's final episode.

When the Golden Girls sequel, The Golden Palace, was cancelled in 1993, Estelle Getty came to Empty Nest and portrayed her Golden Girl character of Sophia.

Top 20 Ratings Info for Empty Nest Series

1988-89 - 1st Season - Ranked #9
1989-90 - 2nd Season - Ranked #9

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Empty Nest was televised from 10/08/1988 to 07/08/1995, on the NBC network.

Empty Nest TV Show Emmy Awards:

Richard Mulligan won best Lead Actor, Comedy in 1988-89.

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