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Columbo TV Show

Television Show Summary for Columbo

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV detective show starred Lieutenant Columbo, a cigar smoking homicide detective with a wrinkled-up trench-coat and a beat-up car, who on the surface seemed incompetent.

Columbo DVD

TV Show Plot For Columbo

Viewers saw the murder take place at the begining of each Colombo TV series episode. The suspense came through finding out how Colombo could make the criminals make mistakes, and eventually solve the seemingly perfect murders. Columbo would always use the phrase "Oh, just one more thing..." when asking the crucial question to a suspect. It is at that point the confident criminal suddenly realized the bumbling detective might be on to him.

Many high profile celebrity actors appeared in episodes of Colombo including: William Shatner, Robert Culp, Leslie Nielson, Roddy McDowell, George Hamilton and Jack Cassidy.

The 1971 Colombo episode "Murder By The Book" was written by Steven Bochco (Hill Street Blues) and directed by Steven Spielberg (ET, Indiana Jones Movies).

Forty-three two-hour episodes of the TV show Colombo ran on NBC from 1967 to 1977. From 1989 on, the series ran on ABC.

Cast of Columbo TV Show

Peter Falk - Lieutenant Columbo

Trivia for the TV Show Columbo

In 1993 William Harrington began writing a series of novels about detective Colombo. The novels were titled: The Grassy Knoll, The Helter Skelter Murders and The Hoffa Connection.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Columbo was televised from 02/01/1968 to 01/01/2002, on the NBC network.

Columbo TV Show Emmy Awards:

Peter Falk won best Lead Actor, Drama in 1989-90.

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