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China Beach TV Show

TV Show Review for China Beach

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show drama is set in an American base during the Vietnam War. The show focused on the medical personnel, soldiers and entertainment company of the base attempting to come to terms with the horrors of war.

China Beach DVD

TV Show Plot For China Beach

The TV show China Beach combined several television genres. At times it could be a soap opera, medical show, and a war drama. The show was different from other war movies and series because it was viewed mainly from the women's perspective.

Some of the characters of the 510th Evac Hospital at China Beach Vietnam included; tough Army nurse Colleen McMurphy; the naive Red Cross worker Cherry White, USO singer Laurette Barber, and civilian worker/prostitute K.C. Koloski.

A total of sixty-two one-hour episodes of China Beach aired on ABC during it's four year network run.

Cast of China Beach TV Show

Robert Picardo - Dr. Dick Richard
Marg Helgenberger - Karen Charlene 'K.C.' Kolanski
Dana Delany - Lieutenant Colleen McMurphy
Nan Woods - Cherry White
Michael Boatman - Sam Beckett
Tim Ryan - Captain Batholomew 'Natch' Austen
Concetta Tomei - Major Lila Gureau
Brian Wimmer - Boonwell 'Boonie' Lanier
Jeff Kober - Dodger
Chloe Webb - Laurette Barber

Trivia for the TV Show China Beach

The theme song for the series China Beach was Reflections by the Supremes.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show China Beach was televised from 04/26/1988 to 07/22/1991, on the ABC network.

China Beach TV Show Emmy Awards:

Dana Delaney won best Lead Actress, Drama in 1988-89.

Marg Helgenberger won best Supporting Actress, Drama in 1989-90.

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