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Bosom Buddies TV Show

TV Show Review for Bosom Buddies

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show featured Henry and Kip, two ad agency designers who could not find a place to live. A female friend suggested they stay at her women only building. That's when they assume the identities of Hildegard and Buffy.

Bosom Buddies DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for Bosom Buddies Series

09/04/2007 - 2nd Season DVD

TV Show Plot For Bosom Buddies

In the TV show Bosom Buddies, Kip Wilson (Tom Hanks) and Henry Desmond (Peter Scolari) have lost their apartment after it was condemned and fell victim to the wrecking ball. They are forced to dress as women in order to live in their friend Amy Cassidy's (Wendy Jo Sperber) women-only apartment building, the Susan B. Anthony hotel.

At the ad agency Kip was an illustrator, but wanted to be a painter, Henry was a copywriter who aspired to be a novelist.

Other Bosom Buddies characters included: Sonny Lumet (Donna Dixon), a nurse and part-time dancer; Lilly Sinclair (Lucille Benson), the manager of the hotel; Isabelle Hammond (singer Telma Hopkins), an actress and model; Ruth Dunbar was Kip and Henry's boss.

After the first season of Bosom Buddies, Kip, Henry and Amy all left the ad agency and started their own commercial production company.

ABC aired 37 episodes of Bosom Buddies from 1980 to 1982. They also reran eight episodes of the series in 1984 to capitalize on the sucess of Tom Hanks.

Cast of Bosom Buddies TV Show

Tom Hanks - Kip Wilson / Buffy Wilson
Peter Scolari - Henry Desmond / Hildegrade Desmond
Donna Dixon - Sonny Lumet
Holland Taylor - Ruth Dunbar
Thelma Hopkins - Isabelle Hammond
Lucille Benson - Lilly Sinclair
Wendie Jo Sperber - Amy Cassidy

Trivia for the TV Show Bosom Buddies

The Bosom Buddies show theme song was Billy Joel's "My Life". The song is sung by the cast of the show, with Tom Hanks singing the lead.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Bosom Buddies was televised from 11/27/1980 to 06/27/1982, on the ABC network.

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