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Amen TV Show

Television Show Summary for Amen

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show sitcom introduces us to Deacon Frye, head of the First Community Church of Philadelphia.

Amen DVD

TV Show Plot For Amen

In the TV show Amen Lawyer/Deacon Ernest Frye (Sherman Hemsley) is trying to keep everything in his church under his watchful eye. When Rev. Reuben Gregory comes in, the two butt heads over how to run the church.

Other Amen TV series characters are: Thelma, the Deacon's daughter; Church board members and sisters, Amelia and Casietta Hetebrink; and Rolly, the eldest board member.

NBC aired a total of 111 episoides over six seasons of the TV show Amen. The show was broadcast on the same Saturday night schedule with the NBC TV series 227, Hunter, The Golden Girls and the Empty Nest TV show.

Cast of Amen TV Show

Sherman Hemsley - Deacon Ernest Frye
Clifton Davis - Reverend Reuben Gregory
Anna Maria Horsford - Thelma Frye
Roz Ryan - Sister Amelia
Jester Hairston - Rolly Forbes
Bumper Robinson - Clarence
James Avery - Rev. Crawford
Montrose Hagins - Leola Forbes

Trivia for the TV Show Amen

The creator of the Amen series show was Ed Weinberger who also created the popular 80's TV shows Taxi and Cheers.

Top 20 Ratings Info for Amen Series

1986-87 - 1st Season - Ranked #13
1987-88 - 2nd Season - Ranked #15
1988-89 - 3rd Season - Ranked #25

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Amen was televised from 09/27/1986 to 05/11/1991, on the NBC network.

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