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Top TV Shows Of The 1980s

80's TV Shows From Gimmie A Break To Growing Pains

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Gimmie A Break

Gloria - The 80's TV show Gloria was a spin-off of the "All in the Family" series. The show follows the life of Gloria Stivic and her son Joey. She and Mike have been separated and Gloria works in a veterinarian's office.
Golden Girls, The - The Golden Girls 80's TV show is based on the lives of four older women housemates whom have all been either divorced or widowed. The series aired from 1985 to 1992.
Grand - This 80's TV show featured the characters Tom and Carol Anne Smithson, who move to the small town of Grand, PA, where Tom has landed a job.
Greatest American Hero - This 80's comedy drama TV show chronicles the adventures of High-school teacher Ralph Hinkley and FBI agent Bill Maxwell. The two have an encounter in the desert with aliens, who give Ralph a red superhero suit.
Growing Pains - The 80's TV show ABC sitcom Growing Pains ran from 1985 to 1992. The series centered around the Seaver family, who lived on Long Island in New York.

80's TV Show Trivia:

80s TV Television Shows
Benson - Future television stars Jerry Seinfeld (Seinfeld),Ted Danson (Cheers)and Missy Gold (Growing Pains)all played recurring roles on the Benson series.... Benson TV Show

80s TV Television Shows
Private Benjamin - Two other failed attempts were made to turn Private Benjamin into a TV sitcom. Paramount made a pilot called Hot WACS which aired in June of 1981; NBC... Private Benjamin TV Show

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