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Zapped Movie

Movie Review for Zapped


This 80's movie comedy is the story of a young teen that acquires telekinetic powers after an accident.

Zapped DVD


In the movie Zapped, Barney Springboro is the whiz kid of the local high school. Suddenly, he suffers from a lab accident, from which he gains the ability to move things with his mind.

Now, the two main characters of the film Zapped will create mischief and havoc in their high school.


Barney Springboro - Scott Baio
Peyton Nichols - Willie Aames
Walter J. Coolidge - Robert Mandan
Bernadette - Felice Schachter
Dexter Jones - Scatman Crothers


the movie Zapped was so successful that a sequel was made. However, only one member of the original cast remained.

The film Zapped is the spoof of “Carrie”, a film made by Brian de Palma.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Zapped was released to theatres on 07/23/1982 by Avco Embassy, and grossed $15,026,217 at the box office in the US.

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