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Young Doctors in Love Movie

Movie Summary for Young Doctors in Love


This 80's movie is a spoof of hospital soap operas; a group of interns will try to deal with their professional, and personal, lives.

Young Doctors in Love DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Young Doctors in Love was released on December 7, 2004 by MGM (Video & DVD) and is rated R.


The movie Young Doctors in Love is the story of a group of young interns that begin their professional life as doctors.

However, these Young Doctors in Love will find that the opposite sex can be quite distracting.


Dr. Stephanie Brody-Sean Young
Dr. Simon August-Michael McKean
Dr. Milton Chamberlain-Gary Friedkin
Dr. Charles Litto-Kyle T. Heffner
Dr. Thurman Flicker-Rick Overton


Young Doctors in Love is the film debut of Richard Dean Anderson, the actor who interpreted “MacGyver.”

The lead singer of Kiss filmed a scene for the movie Young Doctors in Love. However, the scene was never used in the final version.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Young Doctors in Love was released to theatres on 07/16/1982 by 20th Century Fox, and grossed $30,688,860 at the box office in the US.

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