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Under the Volcano Movie

80's Movie Facts for Under the Volcano


This 80’s movie tells us the story of a British consul who finds himself in a lost town of Mexico, wondering about the dark events of his life.

Under the Volcano DVD


The main character of Under the Volcano is Geoffrey Firmin, a consul who just presented his renounce due to the strains that existed between the British Empire and Mexico.

However, things become surrealistic in Under the Volcano. During the celebration of the “Day of Death,” his ex-wife arrives. Her objective? To heal the man that she loved and to try to fix their marriage.


Geoffrey Firmin - Albert Finney
Yvonne Firmin - Jacqueline Bisset
Hugh Firmin - Anthony Andrews
Dr. Vigil - Ignacio López Tarso
Senora Gregoria - Katy Jurado


John Huston wanted Richard Burton to participate in Under the Volcano. Unfortunately, Burton was too busy to do it.

Under the Volcano is based on the book of the same name.

Academy Awards:

Albert Finney won for Best Actor In A Leading Role for the role of Geoffrey Firmin in Under the Volcano.

Alex North won for Best Original Score for Under the Volcano.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Under the Volcano was released to theatres on 06/13/1984 by Universal, and grossed $2,428,653 at the box office in the US.

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