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Twins Movie

Movie Summary for Twins


An 80’s movie about a questionable scientific scheme that had the goal to create the perfect being; however, things went a bit wrong.

Twins DVD


Twins is the story of a doctor who decided to play god. He reunited the elements of the best of the best of humanity in order to produce a baby that could become a super man.

However, things didn’t go as they expected, so the project is terminated. Many years later, the products of that experiment, the Twins, meet in Los Angeles, only to find that they are very different.


Julius Benedict - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Vincent Benedict - Danny DeVito
Marnie Mason - Kelly Preston
Linda Mason - Chloe Webb
Mary Ann Benedict - Bonnie Bartlett


In a scene of Twins, Vincent calls Julius “Mr. Universe”, a title that Schwarzenegger won when younger.

Two real life twins found their long lost father during the production of Twins.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Twins was released to theatres on 12/09/1988 by Universal, and grossed $111,936,388 at the box office in the US.

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