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Tough Guys Movie

80s Film Summary for Tough Guys


This 80's movie is about a couple of gangsters that are released from prison after a very long time. Once out, they will find that the world has changed a lot in the last decades.

Tough Guys DVD


In the movie Tough Guys, Harry Doyle and Archie Long is a couple of gangsters who are released from prison. Now, their only stress is to collect their Social Security.

However, the main characters of the film Tough Guys will find that getting into trouble is quite easy; especially if you are an ex-convict.


Harry Doyle - Burt Lancaster
Archie Long - Kirk Douglas
Deke Yablonski - Charles Durning
Belle - Alexis Smith
Richie Evans - Dana Carvey


In the movie Tough Guys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers interpreted themselves.

Originally, Adolph Caesar was going to appear in the film Tough Guys. However, he died of a heart attack.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Tough Guys was released to theatres on 10/03/1986 by Buena Vista, and grossed $21,458,229 at the box office in the US.

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