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Top Gun Movie

80's Movie Facts for Top Gun


This 80ís movie is full of action and adventure. A couple of Navy pilots will try to become the top of the top in the US Navy.

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Top Gun is the most prestigious branch of the US Navy aerial forces. Only the best of the best are able to reach this area. It isnít enough to be good, but also to have the instincts to survive.

Maverick is one of those guys. Along his partner, Goose, they will compete with other US Navy pilots for a place in the heavens. However, things get complicated in Top Gun when Cruise falls in love with a beautiful woman who also is one of his trainers.


Maverick - Tom Cruise
Charlie - Kelly McGillis
Ice - Val Kilmer
Goose - Anthony Edwards
Viper - Tom Skerritt


Originally, Val Kilmer didnít want to appear in Top Gun. However, he had to interpret his role due to contractual obligations.

The director of Top Gun, Tony Scott, was fired three times during the production of the movie.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Top Gun was released to theatres on 05/16/1986 by Paramount Pictures, and grossed $176,781,728 at the box office in the US on a budget of $15,000,000 .

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