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Tootsie Movie

80s Film Summary for Tootsie


An 80ís movie comedy about an unemployed actor who is so desperate to look for a job that he is willing to sacrifice his masculinity.

Tootsie DVD


Tootsie begins with Michael Dorsey, an unemployed actor who lives in New York and finds himself with no money. After many job interviews, a new idea occurs to him, what if he went after jobs designed for women?

Thatís how Tootsie is born. Dorsey decides to make a complete change to his image, transforming himself into a woman. Now, he will have to survive in a world dominated by men.


Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels - Dustin Hoffman
Julie Nichols - Jessica Lange
Les Nichols - Charles Durning
Jeff Slater - Bill Murray
George Fields - Sydney Pollack


Tootsie was the name of the dog of Dustin Hoffmanís mother.

Tootsie was the film debut of Geena Davis.

Academy Awards:

Dustin Hoffman won for Best Actor In A Leading Role for the role of Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels in Tootsie.

Teri Garr won for Best Actress In A Supporting Role for the role of Sandy Lester in Tootsie.

Jessica Lange won for Best Actress In A Supporting Role for the role of Julie Nichols in Tootsie.

Sydney Pollack won for Best Director for Tootsie.

Sydney Pollack and Dick Richards, Producers won for Best Picture for Tootsie.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Tootsie was released to theatres on 12/17/1982 by Sony, and grossed $177,200,000 at the box office in the US on a budget of $15,000,000 .

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