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Three O'Clock High Movie

Movie Review for Three O'Clock High


In this 80’s movie Jerry Mitchell (Siemaszko) a somewhat freaky high school student, is assigned to write a piece for the school paper about new boy Buddy Revell (Tyson). This gets him in a whole lot of trouble.

Three O'Clock High DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Three O'Clock High was released on September 2, 2003 by Universal Studios and is rated PG-13.


“Three O’ clock High” is a classic high school comedy where the new bully boy dares the nerdish guy into a fight after classes, at 3 o’clock in this case. Needless to say, the poor freaky boy will do almost anything to avoid the confrontation.

From hiring others to fight for him to actually bribing the bully to cancel the fight Mitchell does almost anything to get out of this situation. “Three O’clock High” is a good all-ages comedy to watch and enjoy at home.


Jerry Mitchell - Casey Siemaszko
Franny Perrins - Anne Ryan
Buddy Revell - Richard Tyson
Brei Mitchell - Stacey Glick
Vincent Costello - Jonathan Wise


During Jerry’s book report in “Three O’clock High” he asks his English teacher what her favorite book is and when she replies “Turn of the Screw” he kisses her. In “Turn of the Screw” there is a part where a tutor is kissed by a student.

Steven Spielberg was the executive producer of “Three o’clock High” but he asked to have his name removed from the credits.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Three O'Clock High was released to theatres on 10/09/1987 by Universal, and grossed $3,685,862 at the box office in the US.

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