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Three Fugitives Movie

Movie Summary for Three Fugitives


This 80’s movie tells us the story of Lucas (Nolte), once a criminal convicted for armed bank theft who finds himself hostage during the robbery of a bank by a novice and somehow inept thief named Ned Perry (Short).

Three Fugitives DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Three Fugitives was released on April 2, 2002 by Walt Disney Video and is rated PG-13.


In “Three Fugitives” Lucas (Nolte) – who has nothing to do with the robbery taking place and is just another victim – is assumed to be working together with amateur thief Perry (Short) given his criminal record. Perry on the other hand has been forced to robbery because he needs money in order to pay his little daughter’s costly medical treatment.

From all this confusion both ‘thieves’ end up making a strange partnership in order to escape the police, help the little girl and keep the money. “Three Fugitives” is a PG-13 comedy with plenty of action and hilarious moments.


Lucas - Nick Nolte
Ned Perry - Martin Short
Meg Perry - Sarah Rowland Doroff
Dugan - James Earl Jones
Detective Tener - Alan Ruck


The radio announcer of the baseball game heard on the “Three Fugitives” is the late Art Popham, a local who used to announce Tacoma Tiger’s games for many years but at the release time of the movie had retired from sports casting.

Considering the audience rating and movie plot, “Three Fugitive” has a fair amount of profanity compared to similar films.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Three Fugitives was released to theatres on 01/27/1989 by Buena Vista, and grossed $40,590,000 at the box office in the US.

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