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Three Amigos Movie

Movie Summary for Three Amigos


In this hilarious 80’s movie we have the “Three Amigos” – a bumbling, out-of-work, silent-film era cowboy stars - that travel to the small Mexican town of Santo Poco wrongly believing they were invited to perform their act.

Three Amigos DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Three Amigos was released on April 28, 2009 by HBO Home Video and is rated PG.


The “Three Amigos” - once famous and now unemployed silent cowboy films stars - are more than glad to receive an invitation from Carmen (Martinez) who begs for them to go to the small Mexican Town of Santo Poco. Believing they are being summoned to perform their act they go eagerly. Great is their surprise when they find out they have been called by this people (that believe them to be real heroes) to help them fight against “El Guapo” and his band of ruffians who want to take the town.

The “Three Amigos” are then forced to change from performers to real heroes in order to save these good people. They have to get the best out of their wits and skills to succeed against a band of real mobsters. Lots of gags and hilarious dancing scenes are part of this classical movie.


Dusty Bottoms - Chevy Chase
Lucky Day - Steve Martin
Ned Nederlander - Martin Short
Carmen - Patrice Martinez
Rodrigo - Philip Gordon


Lucky Day (Martin) is the only one of the “Three Amigos” that gets shot in the movie: once in his left shoulder and once in his right foot.

In the “Three Amigos” sequence when they have to say magic words to summon the invisible swordsman, one of Lucky Day’s magic words is “Hfuhruhurr”, his character’s name in “the Man with Two Brains” (1983).

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Three Amigos was released to theatres on 12/12/1986 and grossed $39,246,734 at the box office in the US.

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