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Tess Movie

80's Movie Facts for Tess


An 80’s movie about a family that sends her daughter in a quest for prestige; however, she will find more than that.

Tess DVD


Tess is set in the 19th century, in rural England. A clergyman tells to a simple farmer, Durberyfield, that he may be a descendant of the famous, rich and renowned d'Urberville family.

Intrigued by this possibility, the farmer sends Tess, his daughter, to the manor house of the d'Urberville in order to determine if that claim is true. However, when she arrives, she will be seduced by his “cousin”.


Tess Durbeyfield - Nastassja Kinski
Angel Clare - Peter Firth
Alec d'Urberville - Leigh Lawson
John Durbeyfield - John Collin
Mrs. Durbeyfield - Rosemary Martin


Tess was dedicated to the wife of film director, Roman Polanski, who was murdered by Charles Manson.

Although the film Tess was set in England, it was filmed in France since Polanski had problems with US law.

Academy Awards:

Roman Polanski won for Best Director for Tess.

Philippe Sarde won for Best Original Score for Tess.

Claude Berri, Producer; Timothy Burrill, Co-Producer won for Best Picture for Tess.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Tess was released to theatres on 11/14/1980 by Columbia, and grossed $20,093,330 at the box office in the US.

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