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Terms of Endearment Movie

Movie Review for Terms of Endearment


This 80ís movie is about families and relationships; it shows us how, sometimes, it is very difficult to attain a balance in our personal life.

Terms of Endearment DVD


Terms of Endearment is a drama film which tells us the story of two women who have different views on how life should be lived. One is Aurora Greenway, the mother, and the other is Emma, the daughter.

Since none of the two principal female characters of Terms of Endearment agree, they decide to follow different paths. Thatís when Aurora finds a new love in her life, a former astronaut who also is her neighbor.


Aurora Greenway - Shirley MacLaine
Emma Greenway Horton - Debra Winger
Garrett Breedlove - Jack Nicholson
Vernon Dahlart - Danny DeVito
Flap Horton - Jeff Daniels


Originally, the main role of Emma in Terms of Endearment was going to be interpreted by Sissy Spacek.

In order to prepare for his role in Terms of Endearment, Jack Nicholson talked to several real life astronauts.

Academy Awards:

John Lithgow won for Best Actor In A Supporting Role for the role of Sam Burns in Terms of Endearment.

Jack Nicholson won for Best Actor In A Supporting Role for the role of Garrett Breedlove in Terms of Endearment.

Shirley MacLaine won for Best Actress In A Leading Role for the role of Aurora Greenway in Terms of Endearment.

Debra Winger won for Best Actress In A Leading Role for the role of Emma Horton in Terms of Endearment.

James L. Brooks won for Best Director for Terms of Endearment.

Michael Gore won for Best Original Score for Terms of Endearment.

James L. Brooks, Producer won for Best Picture for Terms of Endearment.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Terms of Endearment was released to theatres on 11/23/1983 by Paramount Pictures, and grossed $108,423,489 at the box office in the US.

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