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Tequila Sunrise Movie

80's Movie Facts for Tequila Sunrise


Mac McKussic (Gibson) is a former drug dealer who wants out. His old times best friend Nick (Russell) is now a cop assigned to the investigate McKussic and bring him to justice. To make matters worst, a love triangle develops when Jo Ann Vallenari (Pfeiffer) appears o scene. An 80’s movie filled with action and interesting plotlines.

Tequila Sunrise DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Tequila Sunrise was released on October 29, 1997 by Warner Home Video and is rated R.


In the movie Tequila Sunrise Mac McKussic decides to retire from drug dealing business now that he has become a father. His childhood best friend ‘Nick’ Frescia (Russell) is now a cop and sees him as a way to getting a promotion and find himself in an internal turmoil regarding the matter. But the fact that both characters compete for the love of the same woman (Pfeiffer) may end up inclining the balance towards one side.

Tequila Sunrise is a heavy atmosphere film reminiscent of other ‘film noir’ classis movies. It has a good deal of dark mist around it, strong, obscure characters and somehow crossed ethical concepts regarding good and evil.


Dale ‘Mac’ McKussic - Mel Gibson
Jo Ann Vallenari - Michelle Pfeiffer
Det. Lt. Nicholas ‘Nick’ Frescia - Kurt Russell
Carlos/ Comandante Escalante - Raul Julia
DEA Agent Hal Maguire - J.T. Walsh


The hot tub used in one of the most famous scenes of the movie Tequila Sunrise was not properly constructed as a working hot tub nor was adequately chlorinated. As a result, Michelle Pfeiffer, her double and Mel Gibson were all plagued with skin rashes and wood splinters. Production was shut down for a few days while Pfeiffer recovered from the rash.

In one short scene of the film Tequila Sunrise actor Matt LeBlanc appears on the television as a TC commercial actor.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Tequila Sunrise was released to theatres on 12/02/1988 by Warner Bros., and grossed $39,703,427 at the box office in the US.

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