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Suspect Movie

80's Movie Facts for Suspect


This 80’s movie is a crime thriller set in Washington DC. Kathleen Riley (Cher) is appointed defense attorney of a local deaf-mute vagabond accused of murdering the secretary of a judge that has recently committed suicide.

Suspect DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Suspect was released on May 8, 2001 by Sony Pictures and is rated R.


In the movie Suspect a deaf-mute vagabond called Carl Anderson (Neeson) is accused of the murder of a judge’s secretary, judge that – strangely enough- supposedly committed suicide some days ago. Attorney Kathleen Riley (Cher) is assigned as the defendant.

Considering him guilty at the beginning, attorney Riley starts changing her perspective when juror and congressional advisor Eddie Sanger (Quaid) brings new and critical information regarding the case. The film Suspect is a crime thriller with a very interesting and unsuspected ending.


Kathleen Riley - Cher
Eddie Sanger - Dennis Quaid
Carl Wayne Anderson - Liam Neeson
Judge Matthew Bishop Helms - John Mahoney
Charlie Stella - Joe Mantegna


After Riley (Cher) questions the forensic witness, she turns to walk back to her chair and calls out “Carl”. Carl (Neeson’s character in the film Suspect) immediately looks toward her, even though Carl is supposed to be deaf in the movie.

On the movie Suspect Karl is tried in federal court for the murder of Elizabeth Rose Quinn. In real life, he would have been tried in the Superior Court of the District Columbia, the local court responsible of hearing criminal cases in the area.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Suspect was released to theatres on 10/23/1987 by TriStar Pictures, and grossed $18,782,400 at the box office in the US.

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