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Superman II Movie

80's Movie Facts for Superman II


This 80’s movie is the sequel to “Superman I.” This time, Superman will have to fight beings as powerful as him.

Superman II DVD


Superman II continues with the story of the superhero that came from planet Krypton. At the beginning of the movie, Lois Lane finds herself in the middle of trouble, when a group of terrorists decide to nuke Paris with a stolen atomic bomb.

Superman manages to save the day, throwing the atomic bomb to outer space. However, without even knowing it, the explosion breaks free a trio of villains from Krypton. Now, the main character of Superman II will have to stop them if he wants to save the Earth.


Lex Luthor - Gene Hackman
Superman/Clark Kent - Christopher Reeve
Otis - Ned Beatty
Perry White - Jackie Cooper
Ursa - Sarah Douglas
Lois Lane - Margot Kidder


In the original script of Superman II, there was a fourth villain called Jak-El. However, the character was eliminated

Superman II was released first in Europe and, seven months later, in the US.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Superman II was released to theatres on 06/19/1981 by Warner Bros., and grossed $108,185,706 at the box office in the US on a budget of $25,000,000 .

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