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Street Smart Movie

80s Film Summary for Street Smart


This 80ís movie is about how reality and fiction can coincide, generating more than one problem to the one who imagined it.

Street Smart DVD


Jonathan Fisher, the main character in the movie Street Smart, is a journalist on the brink of losing his job. In order to retain it, he decides to forgo the ethics of journalism and creates a story about a pimp.

Things get complicated in Street Smart when the police think the pimp mentioned in the article is the one they are looking for. And, the real pimp is wondering how Fisher knows so much about him.


Jonathan Fisher - Christopher Reeve
Punchy - Kathy Baker
Alison Parker - Mimi Rogers
Leonard Pike - Jay Patterson
Ted Avery - Andre Gregory
Fast Black - Morgan Freeman


Street Smart was filmed due to an agreement that existed between the Cannon Film Group and Christopher Reeves. The agreement stated that he could make this film if he made another Superman movie. The result was Superman IV.

The film Street Smart energized Morgan Freemanís career. He even received an Academy nomination as "Best Supporting Actor" for his role

Academy Awards:

Morgan Freeman won for Best Actor In A Supporting Role for the role of Fast Black in Street Smart.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Street Smart was released to theatres on 03/20/1987 by Cannon, and grossed $711,036 at the box office in the US.

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