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Stir Crazy Movie

Movie Review for Stir Crazy


Considered one of the greatest comedies of all times, this 80’s movie is about two bank robbers who find themselves in the funniest situations.

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Skip and Harry, the main characters of Stir Crazy, are framed as guilty for robbing a bank. Due to the high amount of evidence against them, each one is sentenced to 125 years of prison.

The protagonists of Stir Crazy aren’t able to adjust to their new life at prison. That’s when Skip finds that he has a natural ability for riding broncos. With the prison rodeo coming up, they will now have something useful to do.


Skip Donahue - Gene Wilder
Harry Monroe - Richard Pryor
Rory Schultebrand - George Stanford Brown
Meredith - JoBeth Williams
Jesus Ramirez - Miguel Ángel Suárez


The Alabama State Police rented their facilities for Stir Crazy. The money was later used for building a rodeo arena.

Many of the scenes of Stir Crazy were improvised by Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Stir Crazy was released to theatres on 12/12/1980 by Columbia, and grossed $101,300,000 at the box office in the US.

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