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Star 80 Movie

Movie Review for Star 80


Based on a real life event, this 80’s movie narrates the story of Dorothy Stratten, a beautiful and naïve Playboy Playmate that was brutally murdered by her husband in 1983.

Star 80 DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Star 80 was released on November 10, 1998 by Warner Home Video and is rated R.


The movie Star 80 explores the brief and tragic career that was actually engineered by Stratten’s blunt and shameless husband, Paul Snider. The movie explores the whole Stratten story since Snider met her as an innocent and beautiful girl back in Canada until - unable to handle the success of his wife – he decided to end both her life and his own in a most grotesque way.

The film Star 80 is a strong, realistic movie that shows most aspects of Stratten career as they were. The story is mingled with some sort of ‘interviews’ where several people who actually met the real persons (Stratten, Snider) speak about the opinion they had about them.


Dorothy Stratten - Mariel Hemingway
Paul Strider - Eric Roberts
Hugh Heffner - Cliff Robertson
Dorothy’s Mother - Carroll Baker
Aram Nicholas - Roger Rees


Scenes from the film Star 80 were actually filmed on the actual apartment were Dorothy Stratten was murdered.

The movie name Star 80 comes from the vanity license plate that Snider’s Mercedes used to have at the time.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Star 80 was released to theatres on 11/10/1983 by Warner Bros., and grossed $6,472,990 at the box office in the US.

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