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Soul Man Movie

80s Film Summary for Soul Man


In this 80ís movie a man goes through a race change (from white to black) using some sort of pills in order to qualify for affirmative action at the prestigious Harvard University School of Law.

Soul Man DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Soul Man was released on March 19, 2002 by Anchor Bay and is rated PG-13.


The movie Soul Man is about a white kid from an accommodated social position that decides to pass as a poor black boy in order to qualify for affirmative action (a scholarship) at Harvard Law School.

Although this seemed a pretty brilliant idea at the beginning and is pretty much fun for him, he soon learns harsh lessons about racism, class differences and similar social problems. He also gets quite in touch with the unfair situation he caused as he actually made a black girl lose her scholarship by getting it for himself. The movie Soul Man is a great comedy and should be taken just as that.


C. Thomas Howell - Mark Watson
Sarah Walker - Rae Dawn Chong
Gordon Blommfeld - Arye Gross
Professor Banks - James Earl Jones
Whitney Dunbar - Melora Hardin


Chris Howell, C. Thomas Howellís real life father did his sonís character stunts for the movie Soul Man.

In the scene where Mark first approaches Gordon as a black man, Gordon was originally supposed to believe Mark was going to mug him. The whole scene was actually filmed but it was later removed while editing the film Soul Man as it was considered inappropriate and racist.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Soul Man was released to theatres on 10/24/1986 by New World, and grossed $27,316,198 at the box office in the US.

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