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Silverado Movie

Movie Review for Silverado


Saddle up and get ready for an 80s movie that has a bit of everything for everyone. Neighborhood friends come together for a worthy cause.

Silverado DVD


To the world, a group of friends may seem as misfits, but they actually have a heart of gold in the movie Silverado.

This group of friends is about helping others and cleaning up the town by righting all the wrongs that are taking place. They journey to Silverado to do justice that would benefit their town in the movie Silverado.


Paden - Kevin Kline
Emmett - Scott Glenn
Jake - Kevin Costner
Malachi 'Mal' Johnson - Danny Glover
Clerk at cavalry outpost - Marvin J McIntyre
Cavalry Sergeant - Sheb Wooley
Boy at Outpost - Jon Kasdan
Sheriff John T. Langston - John Cleese
Turley Deputy Kern - Todd Allen
Turley Deputy Block - Kenny Call
Carter - Bill Thurman
Barmaid at Sang's Saloon - Meg Kasdan
Turley Bar Fighter - Dick Durock
Turley Bar Fighter - Gene Hartline
Hat Thief - Autry Ward


The set for the movie Silverado was built specifically for the film. It has since been used by other western-themed movies including “Young Guns,” “Wild, Wild West,” and “Lonesome Dove” to name a few.

Silverado was nominated for two Oscar Awards.

Academy Awards:

Bruce Broughton won for Best Original Score for Silverado.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Silverado was released to theatres on 07/10/1985 by Columbia, and grossed $33,200,000 at the box office in the US.

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